Rivers [EP]

by BarefootBros

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RIVERS - water | 001
BarefootBros first EP


released November 11, 2013


all rights reserved



BarefootBros Adelaide, Australia

Members: seth emery, plus the BarefootBros Community

Hometown: Adelaide

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Track Name: Turn our Hearts
Turn our Hearts | BarefootBros

I am so Proud, I care only for myself
I hear your words and apply it to someone else
Your word is a sword, so plunge it in deep
Cut away the hypocrite, that lingerers inside of me

Turn our hearts, Back to you, to you Oh Lord
The best we have to give, are rags but you, turn them to Gold

Lord we need you, soften our stone hearts
Turn us from our rituals and back into your arms
Shake the dust off of all, of our unshared Love
When we gave you our lives, you wanted all of us

There will be no revival, until we repent
So turn us back around
Bring us to our knees, shake us off our seats
So turn our Hearts back to you

Turn our hearts back to you, Take back what is yours
If we do not live our faith, then what are we living for?
Track Name: Oh Eden
Oh Eden | BarefootBros

Come now remember / a time where men dwelt there
Was nothing but love / nothing but freedom
Oh be reminded / a life as intended
The safety of love / Remember Eden...

Yeah, oh remember (oh), remember Eden, Yeah, so remember (oh).

Think back to its birth / colours filling the earth
There was harmony / that flowed from the garden
But this song was taken / through great desperation
So rolled in the darkness / and hearts would harden

Yeah, oh remember (oh), remember Eden, Yeah, so remember (oh).

Look to the start and you will see
Just how this life was meant to be
Look to the start and you will find where we went wrong
yet there is hope, in what’s to come

The heart of creation / calls for restoration
It needs to be mended / it needs to be seen
True regeneration / despite our condition
Will turn us to you / Reminding that we need

Yeah, to remember (oh), remember Eden, Yeah, so remember (oh).
Track Name: This Hope
This Hope | BarefootBros

When Hope is a word, that is rarely used
You know what it means, but don’t think it’s true
You live an arms length, from anyone who truly cares

You bring his name down, when you don’t live like you claim
When hope and redemption, gave birth to “the way”
You might have moved on, but you still can’t let it go

But its not your time / to be left here blind

Your heart’s on a bench, t’s turned red to blue
You left it lying out, now its up for you to choose
if it’ really you or if you are somebody else

Now there just one more question, that I have to ask
if you hold your breath, how long do you think you’ll last?
Cause this life is all, that we hold to give as a gift.

And it now your time / to see hope unwind / if you look we’ll find it’s clear

Singing oh, you’ve been by my side
This Hope will never let me go
Singing oh, how you hold my hand
and my soul will never be alone
Track Name: As Tides Pull
As Tides Pull | BarefootBros

My heart, my heart, it pounds within me / The beat causes movements of pain
So fast, so fast, the evil ones moving / Subtly corrupting this place
Waves of destruction roll over this land / Unnoticed by many it past
Destroying the tents we made with our hands / Every shelter is crushed

How long must I swim in this darkness?
How long will I last without you?

I’m clever enough, at doing what’s evil
I possess no talent at all for doing Right
I’m foolish, I’m senseless
I’ve drowned my understanding
As tides pull, My hope is in the light

I know, I know, as I grasp for a breath / A person’s life is not his own
A float, a float, I’m trying my best / Yet blind to what the future holds
Correct me I pray but be gentle / I can only swim like a child
But the one thing I know I can’t handle / Are the times I swam from the light

How long will I repeat this pattern?
How long will I last without you?
Track Name: Young Adelaide
Young Adelaide | BarefootBros

14 years old, suburban life’s all you’ve known / These back streets, your playground, yeah you’ve memorized the Roads / you avoid your mum’s boyfriends cause they make you feel gross / The only reason you go to school’s just to get out of home / But your friends have shown now they change like the weather / one day your friends forever / the next you wouldn’t be caught dead together / stability’s slipping, now there’s nothing to hold / your self concept tapes replay all the things you’ve been told / and you feel like there’s only one logical path of choice / you run to the open arms, just to fill this void / so the guys, with hungry eyes, tell you what you want to hear / whispering lies in your ears / just disguising their fears

(but) Is this now really what you want to feel?
If they only love you when you touch them, then is this Love real?

Young Adelaide, where is your innocence?
You’ve been deceived to believe there’s only one thing to become.
Young Adelaide, ignore those images.
Take back your youth and find the truth of Love

16 years old, have things fallen as you hoped? / you’ve got issues with friends, now you’re struggling to cope / You’re avoiding the dope, yet your life’s falling apart / You’re wearing long sleeves just to cover the scars / You’ve been avoiding your family so long it’s turned into a craft / remember the times you used to laugh / and how you’ve turned from that path / Those you once held dear, have now all disappeared / your hearts been pulled apart, smashed down and smeared / But there’s something inside of you that’s been there from the start is saying / don’t give up, I’m holding your hand embracing your heart and praying / the seed that was planted from the start / has been the part that never got hard / it was burnt but not chard / got hurt but not scared /

And now this voice is calling out to you inside
It says you’re beautiful you built for more than what this world is offering you tonight.

Listen young Adelaide / Don’t get caught in the mess we’ve made / Turn around and Run away from this
Look up, I’m holding out my hand / Together we’ll take back this land / Don’t look for love where loves does not exist
Track Name: See The Ones
See the Ones | BarefootBros

See the ones who call the park their home
& their back yards are the streets
We stand afar looking down from our thrones
Wishing they’d get away from our feet

See the man sitting at the corner of the street
I see him staring up at me
Does he have a wife a child or any family
Why is he now living on the street

There’s so much more to him than what I see

He is loved, he is loved
Though his life might be a mess, he is loved
He is loved, he is loved
No he’s not considered less cause he is loved just the same

See the girl standing on the corner of the street
She looks ashamed it’s plain to see
What were the choices made to get this life she leads
Why does she now work the streets

There’s so much more to her than what I see

she is loved, she is loved
though her life might be a mess, she is loved
she is loved, she is loved
no she’s not considered less cause she is loved just the same

See the ones who call the park their home
& their back yards are the streets
I know a man who gave up his throne
& came down to wash their feet

Let’s learn from him, let’s be like him
Cause he loves us all the same

You are loved, you are loved
Though your life might be a mess, you are loved
You are loved, you are loved
No you’re not considered less cause you are loved
Track Name: Sweet Honesty (Live) - Bonus
Sweet Honesty | BarefootBros

I’m too proud to say, How I truly feel
I’ve built up an image I know isn’t real
My arrogance formed around me like a shield
Diverting the truth when the truth is revealed

I fool those around me with elegant words
I listen so closely to make sure I'm heard
I rate my opinion more than it’s worth
I welcome the pretty and ignore those who are hurt.

And You, you hold me closely
You. you hold me tightly
you, you know me yet you would let go

I’m ashamed to admit this has happened before
Even more ashamed to say it’s bound to happen still more
I don’t understand how your love can endure
And not be swayed by my faults and call me a failure

You know what I’m behind my closed doors
As I lie on my bed, you know all of my thoughts
My addictions, my dreams, hoping I won't get caught
Your Grace downs my pride, your love

And I, can never let you down
Cause I was never holding you up
You’re the one who’s holding me.

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